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A Revolutionary Phone Pop Up — Simplify and Streamline Front Office Calling.


Save Time

Call Insight’s patient pop gives you fast access to patient information when you need it. Any time a patient calls from a known number, all their info is pulled up automatically—no need to dig through your practice management software. Imagine the compounding effect of saving 3-5 minutes on every phone call every day.


Delight your Patients

Instead of dividing your attention between the patient and your practice management software, Call Insight leaves you free to focus on providing the best patient experience. We make it easy to add your personal touch to calls and make sure your patients get the treatment they need to get and stay healthy.


Capture Hidden Opportunities

With all this information at your fingertips, you can easily see opportunities that would otherwise be hidden. Call Insight helps you find unscheduled treatment for the patient and their family, fill holes in the schedule, collect past due payments, and more.

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Call History

Easily identify calls that need to be handled and open patient info again.

Patient Database

Open up patient information about any patient in the practice.

Advanced Analytics

Measure and monitor the data of all phone calls and dispositions.

5 K

Calls Made


Satisfied Practices

3.6 M

Calls Processed

48 K

Hours Saved


Be the Hero

Phone stress is real. Finding information is tough and patients end up waiting, being placed on hold, and even giving up. Now you can have immediate access to patient information without having to do a thing!


Stop Spam Calls

If you are like every other practice in America, you are constantly bothered by unwanted calls constantly that interrupt important conversations. Take back control today!

Call Insight pulls everything up, I can immediately schedule all other family members for cleanings and treatments.  
Without Call Insight, I would have to be clicking around and the patient would be waiting on me, it wouldn't be smooth, and I feel not as much money would be put on our schedule.

Julie Cohen

Office Manager

I don't have to waste my time!
One of my favorite parts about Call Insight is being able to mark "spam" callers so that when they call in the future, I don't have to waste my time with them on the phone.

Kristen Irgang

Office Manager

There are so many things I love about Call Insight!
I really love being able to identify every call that comes into the practice—and it’s especially nice to have the most important information about patients come right up when they call in. I also like that Call Insight allows me to easily pull up the patient’s info when I get ready to call a patient.

Angie Sokol

Office Manager

The transition was easy and the customer service superb!!!! Now that we have Call Insight installed and can see all the benefits, we LOVE it!!!  Each time the phone rings there is a pop up with the patient’s name, their next appointment or when they are due for hygiene. The app easily shows unscheduled treatment and benefits remaining on insurance.

Vicky Blake

Office Manager

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